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a housing development that is publicly funded and administered for low-income families

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21 February 2018 - UK-based social housing REIT Civitas Social Housing plc (LSE: CSH) has completed the purchase of two regulated social housing portfolios for a total consideration of GBP 13,771,333 (USD 19.
The operation consists of the modernization of the ratp site of the vaugirard workshops and concerns the following works: - construction of the train equipment maintenance workshop (ame) of the ratp site (approximately 12,000 m 2 sdp, R + 4) divided into 5 functional units, - construction of 104 social housing units superimposed on the ame (approximately 6,400 m 2 shab, R + 5 divided into 3 cages).
83billion for housing and the more active role the Government will play in building social housing.
The Welsh Government said the scheme will be suspended in the capital for five years to ensure there is enough social housing available.
The Welsh Government said that over the past 30 years, Right to Buy has resulted in a significant reduction in social housing stock.
He said that during three-day exhibition of ABAD in Islamabad, we have received more than 50,000 registration forms for social housing and we are thinking to expand the initial project of 5000 housing units.
Construction companies submitted requests to the Ministry of Housing calling for the need to increase the value of the contracts signed with the ministry on the implementation of social housing projects to cope with price increases resulting from the flotation.
The Right to Buy allows eligible social housing tenants across the UK to buy their council or housing association property at a significant discount.
The estimated three million people on the social housing waiting list, some for many years, have now to compete for available homes against people from Poland, Romania and more recently, economic migrants.
But it has led to the death of social housing in some areas as tenants sell to landlords.
Ireland has relaxed its credit union laws in order to increase investment in social housing.
Labour councillors have instructed Coventry City Council officers to draw up plans for a PS15million social housing project which would create around 200 new homes for around 500 people.
This reference provides a current comparison of social housing policy and programs in several European countries.
FMM also recorded strong social housing letting interest cover at 2.
POLITICIANS should not shy away from campaigning for a new era of social housing, a new report says.
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