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the attitude that society should be governed by an elite group of individuals

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Political antisemitism has always been a creation of social elite groups, which use it to accomplish various political goals.
A security source said the choir had a "strong following", adding: "People imagine spies having these glamorous lifestyles of foreign travel and mixing with the social elite - it's far more mundane.
Is he not aware that the mess the world is in at the moment is down to the social elite (ie, bankers, financiers and the ruling classes)?
The bone-chilling irony--the crash killed all 96 aboard, tearing yet another hole in the Polish political, military, and social elite at the same location.
The 3rd general assembly of the Islamic Action Front IAF got underway on Saturday under the title "A Prosperous and Strong Jordan" with the participation of representatives of other political parties and social elite.
Just takes the reader on a fascinating investigation of the college-educated social elite exposing their sordid transactions and behind-the-scenes maneuvers.
Many of Israel's intellectual and social elite were taken captive and forced to leave Israel for Babylon.
This cultural and social history by Deborah Hertz investigates the motivations, incentives, and difficulties encountered by the Berlin Jewish social elite from 1645-1833, focusing on the Napoleonic era.
Most of us would react negatively if we found out that some members of our economic and social elite were discussing us and people like us behind closed doors.
Children, if given dancing, fencing and riding lessons, and if constantly corrected in their posture, bearing and gesticulations, indeed even facial expressions, will learn to carry themselves with the je ne sais quoi that will mark them out for all to see as members of a social elite.
Top fashion industry experts, stylists, publishing houses, fashionistas and Dubai's social elite, rubbed shoulders with each other as they witnessed a dazzling fashion show featuring Splash's Spring/Summer 2008.
She's bored with the drinking, the interchangeable boyfriends, the easy sex, the gossip, the parties, the self-absorption of the social elite.
He is popular with the poor but not the middle-class social elite, who lost control over the oil income, though not their share.
As a young woman, her pedigree made her one of Chicago's social elite.
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