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Labour has done much to tackle the severe social divisions that opened in the North during the 1980s through initiatives such as the New Deal for the young unemployed and Sure Start programme.
Not only that, they promote inequality and social division, says Dr James Robinson.
Her frank and sometimes cloying sentimentalism de-emphasizes the way this most popular American ritual inevitably reproduced social division and hierarchy as well as solidarity.
Perhaps the most prominent refrain the Pauline corpus, says Hansen is the affirmation that unity in Christ overcomes the social division of Jew versus Greek, slave versus free, and other dichotomies.
Perhaps if we set our sights high enough, the new commission will one day become an institution remembered as the spearhead of this generation's assault on some of our contemporary giants: inequality, discrimination, disadvantage and social division.
Brian Woods-Scawen claimed the West Midlands still had a vital role to play in setting an example to other parts of Europe beset by racial and social division.
He told bosses gathered at the Birmingham Foundation event that the consequences could be more crime and social division if business ignored the plight of the less fortunate in society.
No, it's not the Jessie Wallace Story but Pygmalion, George Bernard tale of social division and class.
Tony Blair yesterday denounced Baroness Thatcher's legacy, responding to criticism of Britain's role in a new European defence corps by accusing the former Tory Prime Minister of presiding over a 'boom and bust' economy, social division and chronic under-investment in public services.
But National Union of Teachers general secretary Christine Blower said: "The Government's commitment to free schools will create chaos at local level and social division.
This week she was in Manchester sorting out social division, community breakdown, drug addiction.
He also presents chapters that discuss the different elements of the social division of welfare, defined here as statutory, fiscal, and occupational welfare.
Best (no affiliation given) bases his textbook on the premise that social divisions are sets of categories and that the social construction of alterity is directly related to both order and social division.
The debate between contagionists and anticontagionists around the time of the cholera epidemic of 1832 reflected competing views of political authority and economic freedom (the liberal elites associated quarantines with the arbitrary use of power in the Old Regime) but also the reality of social division and the possibility that coercive measures might provoke popular revolts.