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an implicit agreement among people that results in the organization of society

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What, then, is the structural defect of the social contract theory with regard to the neoliberal moral failure to recognize the disenfranchised others' voice?
Social contract theory urges that in absence of right, the life of human will be poor, nasty, brutish and short.
The first chapter, "Last One Out, Please Turn Out the Lights: On the Beach and The Road," begins with two examples that do not fit the social contract theory framework: Nevil Shute's On the Beach and Cormac McCarthy's The Road.
A "pessimistic evolutionist" who never confused technical progress with moral progress, Jouvenel was the most lucid contemporary critic of social contract theory, a tradition that had forgotten the fundamental debts that human beings owe to their forebears and to the larger patrimony that is civilization.
More years ago than I care to remember I completed my first Political Science course; the class read Thomas Hobbes and I accepted a social contract theory of the origins of the State.
It rails against Locke's very social contract theory - the foundation of modern states - whereby people voluntarily transfer to a government their right of executing laws and judging their own case on their behalf.
The Social Contract theory developed by English Whigs was nothing more than a tool by which a party made up of powerful aristocrats and wealthy merchants hoped to appropriate some of the crown's authority and to use it in their own interests.
Within the framework of social contract theory, this triad concept features power relations based on mutual consent, pursuit of mutual benefits, and mutual options for departure.
We can examine this paradox through the lens of social contract theory.
Instead of reading Moses Mendelssohn the main focus of this essay--as an accommodator to German enlightenment mandates who simply traded Jewish autonomy for civil emancipation, therefore, I suggest re-reading his Liberal social contract theory in light of contemporary feminist and critical political thought in order to gain a better sense of its novelty and, even, radicality, as well as of how it may provide an alternative, if still imperfect, model of critically thinking together the terms "gender," "Jewishness," and "emancipation.
Social contract theory is mentioned, but little or no time is devoted specifically to the study of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, its Bill of Rights or the Federalist Papers.
The argument of the book is involved, but Nussbaum's challenge to liberal social contract theory (41) can be summarized with only limited damage to its structure.
These are stockholder theory, stakeholder theory, and social contract theory.
Social contract theory has proven to be the most influential, in part because of the timeliness of its explicit focus on international business.
Allen, Taking Liberties: Privacy, Private Choice, and Social Contract Theory, 56 U.