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Officers visited more than 40 pubs, social clubs and sports clubs across Wirral giving out the free crime prevention kits.
Dubai: Social clubs or organisations in Dubai cannot operate secretly and without a licence as they risk getting prosecuted, a senior official from the Community Development Authority (CDA) said.
In 2008, Dubai's Community Development Authority (CDA) set out on a mission to license social clubs across the emirate.
The social clubs were there to welcome immigrants and give them a place to gather with people who shared the same background, language and cultural identity, and probably shared the experience of coming to America.
He said: "What the club did is awe-inspiring and is synonymous with what many working men's social clubs used to do many years ago.
In its heyday it had more than 1,350 members and a concert hall that seated up to 350 people - making it one of the city's biggest social clubs.
Because compensation is not based on the appreciation of an organization's stock price, this motivation simply does not exist for the executives of tax-exempt organizations, including social clubs.
501(c) (7)-exempt social clubs are taxed on this investment income and required to include it as unrelated investment income on Form 990-T.
the society) shall stay away from tribal coalitions," which essentially means that social clubs in Oman should be all inclusive for the people at large and free of any bias of creed, geographical representations, etc.
Dubai: The Philippine Consul-General to Dubai has urged the more than 50 Filipino social clubs in Dubai to abide by the rules of the land and get licensed by the Dubai government to legitimately serve the community.
INSOLVENCY specialists are anticipating a surge in the number of sports and social clubs looking for help to avoid catching a business cold this winter.
277 is to keep social clubs from offsetting losses from furnishing services to members against income from investments and from nonmember business (such as golf outings and company dinner dances).
CDA regulates and provides licences to non-profit social clubs and organisations that hold social, cultural, or entertainment activities within the emirate as per Executive Council Resolution No 4 executed in 2011.
A COVENTRY woman has raised pounds 725 to help maintain two convalescent homes for members of a national network of social clubs.