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any of various services designed to aid the poor and aged and to increase the welfare of children

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Looking at Gateshead's revenue budgets for 2018/19, the figures show a pre-savings budget of PS64,320,000 for adult social care, less proposed savings of PS3,987,000, leaving a proposed budget of PS60,333,000 - this is less than the 2017/18 budget of PS61,060,000.
We have partnered with Health and Care Research Wales, the School of Social Care Research at Swansea University and others to produce a research and development strategy for social care.
With an ageing population the demand on social care is unprecedented.
Actions include a national campaign to promote social care as a career choice, development of flexible training and education routes, and the roll-out of workforce planning tools.
People in need of social care in Essex could be forced to stay with strangers if there's no room in care homes.
Social care is wrongly seen as a burden when it could instead be regarded as an economic opportunity, according to the Localise West Midlands campaign.
1) That: The quality of social care must be improved; 2) Services must by systematically brought into the public arena; 3) The terms and conditions of staff must be improved and professionalised.
If the PS20million gap between funding and meeting the needs of the elderly in Scotland's biggest city is not plugged, the consequences of combining council and NHS social care funding - something everyone agrees to in principle - could be a disaster.
Will this new "levy" be used only for social care and not used like council tax?
Despite a pledge from the Chancellor that social care could expect a cash boost through local authorities raising their council tax, the International Longevity Centre (ILC-UK) warned this will not be enough to meet the needs of a growing older population.
France and Sweden have been putting the highest share of GDP to health care and social care spending.
In Saturday's excellent article on the winners and losers from the first 100 days of unfettered Tory government, Mike Kelly points to the Government's pledge to cap charges for residential social care from April 2016; the pledge has been shelved amidst an accelerating austerity programme already affecting the lives of millions.
A MULTI-MILLION pound investment is set to be made in a new IT system to further integrate health and social care in Wales, it has been announced.
com helen_echo @ A MASSIVE blueprint for change will re-shape health and social care across Wirral.