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Synonyms for Delicious

Synonyms for Delicious

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greatly pleasing or entertaining


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extremely pleasing to the sense of taste

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The digitized online databases and the social bookmarking and content curation services that we review in this work will help students learn these skills and accomplish their project goals.
A team member that find a technical solution for a problem in a forum can easily share the URL of the web page using a social bookmarking tool.
Entre los medios y redes sociales analizadas, California utiliza Facebook, Twitter, Youtube y Social Bookmarking. En Facebook, ademas del gran numero de usuarios que recomiendan la pagina (29.234), se identifico una alta interaccion entre los gestores de la pagina y los usuarios.
I read the items with current value closely, summarize and add them to a work social bookmarking tool, as well as to a Web social bookmarking provider (if it is relevant and prudent).
The book's final section on socially constructed systems (e.g., social bookmarking sites and social cataloging sites) provides a summary of the research (and gaps) in tagging.
would be shutting down Delicious, the popular social bookmarking site.
Description: A social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks.
Similarly, this can also provide answers to many marketing survey questions like, "What do customers, reviewers, the business community, thought leaders and the public think about one's company and company's products and services- and about its competitors?" Our paper discusses some very important characteristic of the language being used in Blogs regarding blog's opinionated nature and it also points out the external factors (like social networks and social bookmarking) that can help researchers to better understand and resolve contextual ambiguities found in the language being used in Blogs.
What I didn't predict were some of the big changes in social networking with Google shutting down its Wave project and many of the big names in the Web 2.0 boom like the social bookmarking and 12seconds video sharing announcing their imminent closures.
blogs, podcast or videocasts, social bookmarking etc.) on their own websites.
We've promoted the blog through various social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, YouTube and social bookmarking sites, among others.
One chapter outlines efficient use of the Web through effective searches, as well as the organization of information through social bookmarking. Another chapter addresses time and personal management--skills that are essential to student success--which can be supported through personal information spaces and online organizers.
Additionally, a social bookmarking function on the Lufthansa website enables customers to share Lufthansa flight options and interesting information about Lufthansa services with friends.
Topics include web searches, social bookmarking, managing and organizing information, content collaboration, media sharing, social networking, and digital mapping.
Social bookmarking (encompasses directories such as Digg and Technorati);