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the branch of anthropology that deals with human culture and society

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Aside from the owners who themselves are experienced in balancing corporate objectives with creativity and innovation, Bootleg is composed of a multi-disciplinary team of brand strategists, industrial designers, creative practitioners, scientists, social anthropologists and psychologists with deep professional and academic backgrounds.
What kind of ethnological/anthropological practice did the social anthropologists from the West "discover" in the East as a consequence of its opening?
Social anthropologists find it particularly fascinating as some of the island's original inhabitants came from Southeast Asia with the South Equatorial current, which flows towards Africa during August and September.
The volume has a foot solidly anchored in the debate over the cultural (or "linguistic") turn circa 1995; few of the references in the essays are to critical analysis--either theoretical or empirical--produced in the New Millenium, Indeed, the editors, both well-regarded social anthropologists who have taught at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, developed the collection from a special 1996 issue of Focaal European Journal of Anthropology and a subsequent meeting that same year of the American Anthropological Association.
Doubtless social anthropologists, criminologists and assorted psychiatrists will spend years shuffling through court papers and reports in an attempt to shed some light on what motivated these monsters to kill innocent and vulnerable children.
As Spradley (1979) claimed, for social anthropologists language is far more than a means of communication; it is a tool for creating and expressing cultural reality.
This different slant on food politics no doubt arises because the book was developed as an edited collection from a workshop of the European Association of Social Anthropologists.
Yet, from the vast array of their writings, the works of the Strehlows are less well known to social anthropologists who are not specialists on the Australian Aborginal.
Published in conjunction with the European Association of Social Anthropologists, this volume would be suitable for courses on culturally competent medicine.
Today, what we know of these lost cultures is due to the educated speculation of archaeologists and social anthropologists.
I soon decided that, while looking at others, we must look at our own biases or pervasive tendencies that could influence our interpretations; in particular, at the ways women are represented in anthropological literature, and in dominant modes of discourse among social anthropologists.
But social anthropologists believe such a society cannot have survived very long - despite rumours that somewhere in the world vestiges of it still exist today.
Their source material is therefore already mediated as a picture language, and through their process of collecting, selecting, analyzing, and charging it with further levels of meaning, the artists are comparable to social anthropologists.
Gavin Lambert's riveting biography of Natalie Wood is sure to surprise and enlighten even veteran industry insiders as well as neophytes, film buffs and social anthropologists.
Are they merely rites that we hope will create the world anew, as social anthropologists might describe it, if we properly re-enact a sacred story?
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