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a policy of taking direct and militant action to achieve a political or social goal

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Deputy Director Social Welfare Rawalpindi Nabeela Malik and Social Activists Tahira Mushtaq also attended the ceremony and distributed awards among the winners.
Meanwhile, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) and Kandhkot civil society paid a rich tribute to veteran social activist Asma Jahangir .
He stressed that the social activist was not involved in any form of illegal activity.
Meanwhile, social activist and local people demanded action gainst the drug peddlers in area because they destroying the youth of the area.
Almost all the social activists are from the social science background such as Sociology, history, political science, social works and literature.
According to Okaz, Luma Al Sulaiman, a businesswoman, Hala Hakim, a legal consultant and former media figure, Zabi, a social activist and a consultant, Rasha Hifdhi, a social activist, Amal Al Abadi, Basma and Zainab Al Attas are among the candidates in Jeddah.
Led by popular social activist Medha Patkar, NAPM, said : ''This is only being done as a measure to benefit the corporate houses and nothing else.
We have identified six places connected with social activists in the state and have received their consent to allow tourists to see the villages and facilities that they have created for the welfare of the people.
The third list has a doctor, actor, teacher, former diplomat, educationists and social activists.
Serving democracy and freedom during last one decade, tens of Afghan journalists, writers and social activists were either killed during the war, by pro-government elements or by insurgents.
Mann now collaborates with social activists to highlight their plight.
There is also an informative and equally delicious glossary, offering not only cheese-y terms like affinage and Bovine somatotropine, but also not-so-mainstream social activists like Danny Cohn-Bendit, Jose Bove, and the punk band Bikini Kill.
Palacios develops an elaborate model that suggests that there are four different categories of social activists in both countries: ecclesiastical, Christian inspired, social ministry, and faith based activists.
Founded in 1976 by social activists Sister Mary Jo Leddy and Fr.
Write your political leaders, area business owners, social activists, religious figures, families, and friends to help educate and support the pursuit of an even more basic right than the freedom of speech: the freedom of humanity and equality.
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