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a policy of taking direct and militant action to achieve a political or social goal

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The second part depicts the 25-year-long struggle of Taj Lala as social activist.
New Delhi [India], Jan 16 ( ANI ): Social activist and anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare on Monday stated that those joining his movement need to assure him that they won't join any political party or fight elections.
Based in Lahore, Raza Khan is a social activist who was working on peace education and raising awareness on social issues.
Social Activists and Politicians in Takhtbhai demanded DIG Mardan to take action against this unhealthy business.
Several businesswomen and social activists have signed up to run in the elections, the first in which women are allowed to run and vote.
The social activist noted that she'd filed a lawsuit to the Constitutional Chamber into 7 provisions, including violation of personal information [distribution].
Noted social activist Anna Hazare, along with members of several farmers' organisations, is scheduled to hold a two-day protest against the ordinance at Jantar Mantar.
Led by popular social activist Medha Patkar, NAPM, said : ''This is only being done as a measure to benefit the corporate houses and nothing else.
SOCIAL activist Anna Hazare, it seems, is keeping a close watch on his former aide Arvind Kejriwal who later floated m dmi Party (P) to fight elections.
Social activist and retired policewoman Kiran Bedi too has managed to include herself in the top 10 list of most searched Indian women.
Life is not easy for a journalist and social activist anymore.
Police in India's capital on Tuesday detained a prominent social activist who had vowed to fast until death to demand a tougher anticorruption law.
Come in the Worker's Only entrance of the Rainbow Grocery Cooperative in San Francisco and meet cheesemonger Gordon Edgar ex-punk rocker (slightly) subdued social activist cheese doler and storyteller.
In the United States Palacios paints a much rosier picture of the life of a Catholic social activist.
Written by former social activist, investor, advisor, and principle of Potential Inc.