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a policy of taking direct and militant action to achieve a political or social goal

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The show was primarily about how feminist and social activism particularly in women issues is being misused and badly exploited.
On the occasion, a representative of Arts Foundation, Shahzado Malik said that the Foundation had imparted training on social activism in various disciplines to 793 literate people in Mirpurkhas, Sanghar, Umerkot, Badin and Tando Allahyar since 2012.
Social media has given people a medium to express their views and participate in social activism.
In the Interest of Others: Organizations and Social Activism.
Whatever thoughts emerged will now play out across some 250 works, including many collaborative projects, which promise to explore such themes as vernacular culture, social activism, and mysticism.
Instead of pinning the blame for gender-based violence and homophobia in Africa on specific groups, Epprecht examines legal reforms and social activism, drawing from a wide range of primary sources, including personal observation, religious and biblical texts, unpublished documents, and personal interviews.
Jenkins said that her knitting 'art', she calls 'Casting Off My Womb', uses traditional craft techniques for a political or social activism purpose.
At the end of the book, there are facts about koalas and how to help them if they're injured, plus social activism resources for an inspired reader.
Some 30 Afghans will speak on topics such as entrepreneurship, social activism, governance and transparency, as well as the upcoming presidential elections slated for April.
She Walked for All of Us" would make an enduringly important addition to community and college library Social Activism and 20th Century American Biography collections.
Founder of the Front, Zuhair Ghannoum, stressed the importance of activating the role of the middle class being a basic element for economic and social activism.
What it's about: Hoxie delves into 200 years of history to trace the political and social activism of American Indians who fought to protect their communities and lands from expansionism and pushed for the right to self-government.
Each of these women found herself entrenched in the social activism of the day.
Social activism is an intentional action with the goal of bringing about social change, political change, economic justice or environmental well-being.
Nearly 40 essays, personal narratives, cartoons and how-to provide a fine guide to navigating the new economy based on collaboration and cooperation instead of competition, and is a fine pick for any collection strong in social activism and community planning.