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the number of a particular individual's Social Security account

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John Cornyn's website last night required constituents to submit their Social Security number when filling out the comments box on the website.
Social Security numbers are only changed in rare cases, meaning even victims of identity theft are often left using the same number that has already been stolen from them.
Currently, seniors Social Security numbers double as Medicare ID numbers putting this information at risk.
Trautwein says the IRS can solve the problem for 2016 by letting both fully insured and self-insured meet a flexible "good-faith" compliance standard for Social Security numbers for 2016.
It shows the same eight-digit number as in the newer ID, not the nine digits for Social Security numbers.
These tricks work for passwords, Social Security numbers, telephone numbers, birthdates and anything that needs to be safe.
And even though schools don't require Social Security numbers to enroll students, once districts have the numbers, they can't delete them, education officials said.
In discussing a social security number system or a taxpayer ID number system, the government and ruling parties say in their tax system revision outline for 2010 that it is indispensable to correctly assess income of people to improve the nation's social security programs for people who really need help and secure the equity of income tax.
The Service released final and temporary regulations that govern the disclosure of a taxpayer's Social Security number to overseas return preparers (T.
who are termed illegal immigrants, and who do not possess valid Social Security numbers.
Social Security numbers could be used in research provided that the researchers obtain written consent from all affected individuals and implement safeguards to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the information.
In Texas, it is now a crime for government officials to release public records containing Social Security numbers.
And then there was the auditor whose laptop, which contained more than 500 Social Security numbers of current and former employees of a large law firm's pension plan, was stolen.
Since the law also does not define "other identifying number," it seems the law requires that IHEs cull Social Security numbers from applications and transmit them to the police.
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