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an independent government agency responsible for the Social Security system


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Yet another poster, "Your Wage Account", which also ran from 1937 to 1939, stated the following: "This is the way your wage account is kept by the Social Security Board.
Nimal Samarakone, Chairman of Sri Lanka Social Security Board distributed the policies of the Social Security Pension Scheme to those who already had joined the Pension Schemes.
22 (ANI): Union Labour Minister Mallikarjun Kharge has urged state governments to constitute a State Social Security Boards and formulate their rules under the Unorganised Workers' Social Security Act 2008.
Also during this decade, the Social Security Board of Trustees began to project financial problems for the program.
A spokesman for the Eastern Health and Social Security Board of Northern Ireland said it would be inappropriate for him to comment because the court case was pending.
The Social Security Board of Trustees released their 1999 annual report on March 30th.
Instead, Roosevelt forwarded it to the Social Security Board for further study.
The 1998 Social Security Board of Trustees Annual Report states that, thanks to the robust economy, the program may remain solvent slightly longer than previously expected.
Shlaes quotes from a pamphlet published in 1936 by the newly formed Social Security Board.
The Social Security Board of Trustees 1998 report estimates that income from FICA payroll taxes will become insufficient to meet all the payment obligations of the Social Security funds in the year 2013.
Indeed, the Social Security board of trustees recently reported that in order to keep the system in the black for the next seventy-five years, another 2.
Cultural Mythmaking as a Policy Tool: The Social Security Board and the Construction of a Social Citizenship of Self Interest.
Charges by Representative Harness of socialistic tendencies within the Social Security Board were typical of the time.
It established a Social Security Board to supervise payment of old-age benefits, such payments to be determined by the amount of money earned by recipients before their 65th birthdays.
The Act contained strong restrictions on the ability of the Social Security Board to influence the administration of programs within the states, explicitly forbidding the Board to set personnel policies.
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