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social welfare program in the U.S.

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The primary implication of choosing an early Social Security benefit is the individual will receive a reduced benefit for as long as he or she lives.
CORRECTION: With Democrats claiming that the president and the GOP are going to slash benefits for the elderly, and the White House praising the "morality" of the Social Security program, Americans are once again being presented with false alternatives.
Veterans benefits are separate and distinct from Social Security, so receiving payments under both programs is not dual compensation for the same disability, as some have tried to argue.
Under the terms of the policy, employees who are disabled for more than a year must apply for Social Security benefits; in July 2002 Mrs.
Even if a cure for the ails of Social Security were to be enacted tomorrow, it would offer little relief for these enormous financial risks.
We found a population that knew dangerously little about Social Security but that was hungry to know more.
The Social Security Act (SSA) permits a retired person to engage in some work activity without losing retirement benefits; see 42 USC Section 403(b) and (f).
Private accounts that drain money out of Social Security would cut guaranteed benefits while passing the bill on to future generations.
Supreme Court where, this November, justices will decide whether the government can legally deduct debts owed on student loans more than 10 years in default from Social Security checks.
The overall project is dedicated to the study of the relationship between the structure of social security systems and labor force participation among older workers.
Social Security is not the only federal benefits program.
In a 1934 defense of Social Security, Roosevelt described how "in earlier times" individual security was assured by the "interdependence" of families and small communities, relationships that were shattered by industrialization and modernity.
The fact that Social Security could be facing imminent peril only means that we have to build our own safety nets by adopting the habits and behaviors necessary to not only finance our retirements but leave a legacy of wealth for future generations.
Retirement is the last thing on her mind, but what we do about Social Security will profoundly affect her future.
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