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any of various services designed to aid the poor and aged and to increase the welfare of children

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He is currently the global social director in charge of driving the extremely successful social strategy for Emirates airline across more than 80 markets.
Arturo Celedon, Social Director of America Solidaria, talks about the "urgent need to see local realities from a global perspective.
She worked in retail at the Broadway and Meier and Frank, was the director of sales and catering at Corvallis Country Club, was the social director at South Hills Country Club, membership director at Willamette Valley Country Club, and was director of marketing and sales at Rock Creek Country Club.
The star was the tummler, the social director, entertainer and resident matchmaker.
Do make use of the concierge and the social director.
THERE is a job going that would perfectly suit Gavin Henson - social director at the 18-30s club in Benidorm.
That planning will continue without Rogers, who has been named White House social director by President Barack Obama.
Thanks go to social director Jacque Heebner for an evening of sophistication, grace, and charm.
You'll be the social director, event planner and life of the party all rolled into one.
Maybe we are supposed to be the company's social director, keeping track of the various promotions, new hires and service anniversaries?
Alesha Badgley, social director of his care centre, said: "He started with 'Mom' and surprised her.
He started out with `Mom' and then it was `Pepsi' and then `milk'," Alesha Badgley, Stone County Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre social director, said yesterday.
CRUISE DIRECTOR The person who is, in essence, the head tour manager for an entire ship; also known as the Social Director or Activities Director.
They'd rather pay someone else to do it and enjoy their leisure time at the theater, day tripping, or joining in any one of a number of club activities organized for their pleasure by social director Jill Klein.
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