Social Democratic Party

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a political party in Germany and Britain (and elsewhere) founded in late 19th century

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Amid all the turmoil, the Social Democratic Party, which formed amid the ashes of the Communist Party following Romania's 1989 revolution, looks set to maintain its dominance over the country's politics.
The opposition Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) was leading in the general elections in Romania, on 30 November, with a slight edge over the other opposition party, the Social Democratic Party (PSD), according to the first official results.
His Social Democratic Party (PSDB) suffered at the ballot box as a result, losing the Congress.
Pressure from the social democratic party contributed to the decision to resign as Finnish prime minister, according to Anneli Jaatteenmaki, who was speaking at an extra party conference.
About 1,300 guests are expected to attend the service at City Hall, which is being arranged by the ruling Social Democratic Party and Ms Lindh's family.
Why is there no mighty American left, or at least an American social democratic party, able to squeak out a respectable minority of the national vote?
Now comes word that as nationwide elections in Germany near, the Social Democratic Party (the party of incumbent Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder) has begun selling condoms in its signature red color with the slogan "Feel Good, SPD.
These ideals have guided the author's family since they were formulated by his working-class grandfather and were also shared by the Danish Social Democratic party, which had always been the family's political home.
The executive board of the Social Democratic Party (SP/PS) cast a 6-4 vote in favour of and with that pledged its party's support for two Swiss army-related initiatives to be presented to the Swiss people on December 2.
His announcement, which brought a long ovation, was followed by his nomination for mayor from Berlin's Social Democratic Party (SPD).
The left-of-center Social Democratic Party won a plurality of the vote, but now this party, from its place in the opposition, must follow the consequences of its failed coalition negotiations.
We ended up with Social Democratic Party because that was part of the European continental tradition.
One of the founder members of the Social Democratic Party, Lord Owen, yesterday claimed he was the original architect of New Labour.
Patton's study is not for the general reader, but more effort should have been made to explain the significant events, organizations, and programs that influenced the regulation and disciplining of industrial labor, as well as to explore the radicalization and splintering of the Social Democratic Party.
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