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a familiar name for a person (often a shortened version of a person's given name)

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These facets of characterization are saved for La tribuna, where they complement the animalization and sobriquets of the other factory workers.
Otherwise, there arc numerous colorful sobriquets and descriptions of events that might conceal real occurrences, creatively remembered ones, or even incidents inferred from biblical texts (a device of which Matthew's nativity account is perhaps the best-known example).
One set of letters sent to a local paper are described as "multi-page, rambling, and highly personal attacks that Huckabee wrote while in Arkansas office," adding he refers to "the [weekly] Arkansas Times as 'a local version of the National Enquirer,' a 'collection of carping columnists,' a 'newsletter for the Democrats,' an 'irrelevant irritant' and the 'Theater of the Absurd,' among other sobriquets.
He is now entering an organisation that boasts The Limestone Cowboy, Old Stoneface and Darth Maple, and as you can tell from that little triumvirate of sobriquets, standards are high.
Musical AKAs; assumed names and sobriquets of composers, songwriters, librettists, lyricists, hymnists, and writers on music.
Karl LaRocca and Jef Scharf--that their alternate sobriquets Pre-Raphaelite Shaolin and Little Giant Robot come from Wu-Tang Clan's online nickname generator hints at their particular sensibility--run a small nonprofit silk-screen and design shop that turns out rock posters, album covers, artists' editions, and T-shirts (most visibly those emblazoned with the unequivocal slogan FUCK BUSH).
And so when Syed Mushtaq Ali, whose colourful sobriquets included 'the Errol Flynn of cricket', reached 96 in the second Test at Old Trafford in 1936, one of the English fielders reminded him that he needed only four more for his century.
Audiences loved to watch robots with colorful sobriquets such as Sir Killalot, Sgt.
Traditional names for cows like Daisy and Bluebell have been kicked into touch by sobriquets like Beckham and Bergkamp.