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Synonyms for soap

money offered as a bribe

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rub soap all over, usually with the purpose of cleaning


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She gets all her soapmaking supplies from Otion in Bellingham.
As palm oil is one of the main soapmaking oils, it took us about a year of research and development to develop our own exclusive recipes, and they have all been thoroughly tested by our family and friends," said Lynne.
SOAPMAKING THE NATURAL WAY tells how to use ingredients form herbs and flowers to oils to learn a safer method of soapmaking than the old lye and chemical harsh methods.
11) Saltpeter also was employed in industrial processes, ranging from textile bleaching and tanning to soapmaking and metallurgy, and even as a preservative by cheese and sausage makers in Europe.
Alkalis Sodium and potassium hydroxide are used in detergents even as they are used in soapmaking.
Of special note is what "The Prairie Girl's Guide To Life" offers in terms of pioneer gatherings ranging from tea parties, soapmaking parties, and quilting bees, to the ice cream social and square dances.
Armed with these and other helpful hints about the art of successful soapmaking, France 3 put the program out to tender.
Sudsie was sculpted out of a giant bar of Ivory soap and intended to honour the soapmaking and pork business history of Cincinnati.
They also offer citrus and tea plants; gourds; garlic; gardening tools, supplies and books; grass and lawn seed; soapmaking, brewing, winemaking, cooking and preserving supplies; and essential oils.
Soapmaking pots were locked-up at night so that untaxed soap could not be produced after hours.
Activities will range from instruction in "country crafts," such as crocheting, soapmaking, candlemaking, weaving or woodcraft, to accommodating those for whom gluing two pieces of wood together would be an accomplishment.
In a new program funded by Save the Children, the women are forming credit loan groups similar to the early efforts of SEWA and launching their own small industries, including soapmaking and leatherwork.
Buklod conducts a varity of skills training and livelihood programs, to teach and provide work for sex workers who want to opt out of the business or who can no longer support themselves, but the organization's small soapmaking and dressmaking projects are hardly enough to meet the needs of most of the unemployed women.
His patented devices made soapmaking a leader in industrial efficiency.