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Synonyms for soapy

resembling or having the qualities of soap


unpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating in manner or speech

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Soapies are not literature, but they emerge from the same artistic impulse, the power of the will to story.
Tricia Penrose completed the trio of soapies with pop ambitions, her rendition of We Can Work It Out thoroughly disproving Jane's claims that being a Scouser made you the perfect Beatler.
UNLIKE pretty bubbles in the air, old soapies don't fade and die.
Since radio and television began she was in them--playing soapies.
While people in Mumbai watch Game of Thrones, in the countryside they watch soapies.
The young generations do not watch television, the soapies that have been going on for decades.
From Thursday last week, GOtv channel 7 is the home of this exciting channel offering a wide variety of soapies, lifestyle shows, children's programmes and entertainment news.
And to make matters worse, Kim was being tailed by a bunch of cameramen, who were filming EastEnders Uncovered, a documentary on what the soapies do on their days off.
FORGET the BAFTAs and the National TV Awards, there is only one bash all the Soapies want to attend and that is the booze- fuelled Inside Soap Awards.
On the other side the television, set high on the wall like a surveillance camera, murmurs through the midday soapies.
With leading news productions, series, soapies and telenovelas, One Africa TV is a perfect match for the diverse and compelling content that GOtv offers.
Led by Home And Away's Kylie Watson, the one-hour special, Soap Mountain, will track the exhausted soapies as they climb Africa's highest mountain in aid of Cancer Research.
The BBC1 soapies had just lost the charity match to Channel 4 rivals Brookside 1-0.
Watch out for soapies camping it up with Dale on Celeb The Other Half in August.