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a serialized program usually dealing with sentimentalized family matters that is broadcast on radio or television (frequently sponsored by a company advertising soap products)

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The MECs will also be taken on a guided tour of the set where the local soapie is shot.
The fictional medical soapie in A Month of Sundays thankfully isn't wrung completely dry for jokes, as it easily could have been.
With leading news productions, series, soapies and telenovelas, One Africa TV is a perfect match for the diverse and compelling content that GOtv offers.
Celeb salute: the soapie we love most this week is.
Hennie Jacobs better known as Diedrick from Afrikaans soapie 7de laan will be the host of the event.
A cheeky currawong comes up and sits on my work table, leaving its calling card on the scene breakdown for the next episode of 'On Golden Sands'--the soapie I currently toil for my living on.
With a mane as sleek and fair as a palomino pony's, the soapie bland ain't fooling anyone with her discreet jewellery.
Mboya does not need any introduction as she has made Nandipha, a leading character in the daily soapie Isidingo, an iconic figure on the South African small screen.
Jeffrey has found out that the soapie lead, Emma, is to be killed off in the waves, but has signally failed to round up his web site devotees to help subvert this.
When the course was over I took the first job I could--writing a television soapie.
These have mostly come down to: informational expositions with (mainly) experts providing voice over, biography documentaries, the narrative soapie dramas which are the remnants of the more exciting verite work of the past, and important, useful but often ponderous historical and political documents.
The minister said the youth TV channel would offer a variety of genres ranging from sport, comedy, talk show, drama, soapies and documentary all created by Batswana youth.
CAIRO -- 3 May 2017: The countdown to Ramadan and its many anticipated soap operas has begun; Egypt Today will give you a quick look into three upcoming top-drawer soapies.
Goodrem cut her teeth in soapies, too--Neighbours, like the best 'singing budgies'--but early gossip-rag rumours have suggested that the real Newton-John is less than pleased with the casting.
She could also not think of her upcoming tests and how some of her classmates were probably spending their time watching soapies or having their hair weaved while she had to fight so many battles.