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a soft heavy compact variety of talc having a soapy feel

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This simple mixer tap has a slick ceramic mechanism, soap stone tooth mug
Each time I'd bring back different trinkets; a pestle and mortar, a bronze incense burner, an elephant carved from soap stone.
It is available in 10 colours, but the Soap Stone shade is perfect for most decorating schemes, from modern, to ethnic and traditional.
Her people hunt and fish and the only industry is making soap stone carvings.
Other bath accessories include a pattern called Soap Stone and Versailles.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Soap Stone Powder
We offer nuts to visitors from a pretty, soap stone nut dish with giraffes painted on it.
Directorate of Industries, Mineral and Technical Education while presenting progress of FATA mineral sector, to the higher management of FATA, briefed that 423132 tons Marble, 3057 tons Fluorite, 55773 tons Quartz, 205705 tons Coal, 291091 tons Lime Stone, 7405 tons Soap Stone, 2517 tons Serpentine, 48354 tons Chromite, 30 tons manganese, 200 tons Clay, 450 tons Mica and 64 tons of Verma Kite have been produced during 2010-11 in FATA.
This simple mixer tap has a slick ceramic mechanism, pounds 99, B&Q, soap stone tooth mug, pounds 2.
Mohammad Yaqub Shah is an experienced exploration field Geologist who is presently working in FATA Development Authority on deputation from Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation Islamabad and has a vast experience on up-gradation and beneficiation of different metallic and non metallic minerals such as copper, Gold, Manganese & Chromites ores, Nepheline synite, soap stone and Magnesite.
A tall soap stone figure of a man from Africa and two Coolabah wood bowls bought on a working trip to Australia add to the international flavour of the loft.