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However, only in recent years has the soap nut and its many benefits made its way to the shores of the U.
I'd advise your readers to instead wash their clothes with soap nuts (also called soapberry).
For hand-washing, you can make a detergent by soaking 1 cup of soap nuts in 4 cups of water overnight and then liquefying the mixture in your blender.
Lewis will be joined by his real-life partner Kate Jarman - his co-star in HTV soap Nuts and Bolts - in what promises to be the most controversial Welsh film ever.
Born and brought up in South Wales, Jan, who is currently playing a policewoman in the Valleys-based soap Nuts and Bolts, said: ``Cancer is an evil in the world and I will do anything I can to alleviate it.
SULTRY TV star Jan Anderson is back in uniform for her role as a sexy police constable in Welsh soap Nuts & Bolts.
It's certainly been a long time coming for Owen, a veteran of late 1990s HTV soap Nuts & Bolts, who sank the redundancy money from his former TV production job into making Svengali a reality, albeit in several bite-sized 'webisodes' first of all.
The sexy star has just finished filming Welsh soap Nuts and Bolts.
She has starred in top dramas, Casualty and London's Burning and walked into a leading role in ITV Wales soap Nuts And Bolts.
PULLING pints comes naturally to Raji James who plays a former bar owner in the new series of the Welsh soap Nuts and Bolts.
It is expected to establish continuous-cover forestry on bare land and to improve productivity of soap nuts which provide valued saponins for the biochemical industry.