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a crate for packing soap

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a platform raised above the surrounding level to give prominence to the person on it

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Lisa and Ned say they appreciate the valuable lessons and family time that come with soap box derbies.
In our April issue, on this very soap box, I likened achieving materials handling excellence to one of those processes that most people don't want to know about but enjoy the end result nevertheless.
I am always drawn to ponder on the anomaly that they are quick to jump on the soap box and condemn others for failure to integrate yet hold up the Welsh community in Patagonia as an example of language preservation.
After a few years on the soap box, the former Birmingham lawyer should have some interesting views.
Kids in Soap Box Derby can compete at one of three levels:
Slack, never shy to get on a soap box over the innovative thinking of his employees, calls this teamwork.
Prentiss Kendall of Greenville, South Carolina won 2nd place as she represented the South Carolina Academy of Science via "USC Region II Science & Engineering Fair" in the 2004 Super Stock Division Soap Box Derby in Columbia SC.
Sorry for getting on my soap box, but your article brought back my old days as a Coca-Cola project engineer.
WHILE YOU'RE THERE: Stand on a soap box in Hyde Park; shop in the West End or take tea with the Queen.
All-American Soap Box 67-year-old non-profit organization based
Michael Nash, 11, will draw on the experience of two siblings and four generations when he represents Oregon in the Soap Box Derby World Championships in Akron, Ohio, at the end of the month.
Two works titled Soap Box, 2003-2004, featured clumps of seafoam-colored microphones arranged on a pair of press conference-style stands, their long electrical cords trailing uselessly down to the floor; nearby,
AK will regularly highlight Alaska's musicians, test your listening skills with a sound quiz, and give you a chance to get up on a soap box and tell listeners your opinion on 'My Two Cents.
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