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The polygons exhibits high Ca and SO4 and low Mg, probably the use of gypsum as fertilizer is responsible for this unbalancing, furthermore, the use of fertilizer containing K, Ca, Mg is also disturbed the ionic balance.
3 revealed that sub-surface was contributing highly to the mean contamination load of EC, TDS, HCO3, Cl-, SO4, NO3 and PO4.
NO3 , SO4 and H2PO4 were determined using ion chromatography (DX-300 ion chromatographic system, AS4A-SC chromatographic column, CDM-II electrical conductivity detector, mobile phase: Na2CO3/NaHCO3 = 1.
The correlation matrix shows that some of parameters like NO3, NO2, SO4, and Cl have no interrelationship with heavy and toxic metals.
Other types in the product line include self-clinching standoffs designed for ultra-thin metal sheets (Types TSO, TSOS and TSOA; through-hole threaded and unthreaded standoffs (Types SO, SOA and SOS); blind threaded standoffs (Types BSO, BSOA and BSOS); and through-hole and blind threaded standoffs specially designed for installation into stainless steel sheets (Types SO4 and BSO4).
00 Ion C3 Tester Chromatography Sample Description SO4 WOA Result Time(sec) Top reference area 0.
Three different salts with Cl-, SO4 2and HCO3ions for each Ca, Mg and Fe were taken in equal ratio.
Quando comparados a outros porta-enxertos, o SO4 e o 44-53M sao conhecidos por acumularem teores mais altos de K em tecidos foliares (DELAS; POUGET, 1979; BRANCADORO et al.
groundwater and soil EC, pH, HCO3 , CO3 , Na , Ca , SO4 , SAR and TDS showed significant (Pless than 0.
Assorted parameters like temperature pH EC TDS Cl- SO4 2 - HCO3 - sodium potassium calcium magnesium SAR values as well as the Piper and Stiff diagrams w e r e d e t e r m i n e d t o confer a c l e a r picture of quality parameters in g r o u n d water a n d a g r i c u l t u r e s o i l of the area.
2) Cl Br SO4 WOA Boards That Passed Assembly #1 - Total board extraction 0.