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Fans from coast to coast and around the world now can watch The College Version of the Big Game from the comfort of their own Alabama Crimson Tide Snuggie, emblazoned with the familiar "A" for Alabama and elephants that may turn pink (depending on how well the Tide does and how much alcohol is actually consumed during said game).
There's little in the way of haute couture when it comes to the Snuggie (unless the "huggable monk" look is big on the fashion runways).
At the edge of town they are met by a polar bear with an axe in his head, a puppet boy whose lower half has been burned to a crisp, six headless workingclass guys holding bottles of beer, and Voltaire, who's been given such a severe snuggie that his eyes are open wider than real eyes can possibly open.
Get Eman to shoot me a Snuggie and I'll walk the line.
You can't change the weather so it behooves you to slip out of your Snuggie for a few hours and find out why there are people who actually do a happy dance with each snowy blast.
My receives OMG Services First and foremost, I am delighted to announce that my husband receives anOMGfor Services to the Death of Romance for his Christmas present tomeofa Snuggie, one of those hideous tiger-print fleecey sofa blankets with sleeves.
Created by friends Lex Friedman and Megan Morrison, Snuggie Sutra is a series of different sexual positions that can be performed by couples all while wearing those big, blue oversized blankets, reports AOL News.
Additionally, Henn formed a joint-venture in 2009 to handle the retail and additional direct response television distribution with Allstar Marketing Group, creator of the enormously successful Snuggie Blanket.
But if there were a prize for the most outlandish outfit, it would go to Reese Miller, the unofficial president of the boomer club, who donned a bright blue Snuggie - basically a fleece blanket with sleeves that opens in the back - over his greenish pajamas and clad his feet in gigantic plush slippers which looked to some like koala bears but which he declared to be walruses.
We should have Ellen blankets out here, or like a Snuggie," DeGeneres said.
Inspired by a trip where P-Stone wore a Snuggie for seven days straight to win a $100.
In fact, Allstar was awarded the 2009 Marketer Of The Year award by the respected Direct Response Marketing Alliance, largely of the success of the Snuggie.
Both teams, with playoff hopes very much alive, notched a valuable point with the tie, but the way this one ended had to make the Rockets feel like they were wearing a Snuggie, too.
America is the home of several luxury garments, like the Snuggie, the Forever Lazy and Pajama Jeans, but it is possible that China's split-pant toddler sweats have beat out all clothing trends in the U.