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having a blunt nose

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The sneezing snub-nosed monkey and Yoda bat are the latest weird and wonderful discoveries in the animal kingdom
The Tonkin snub-nosed Monkey, which is endemic to Vietnam, is one of the top 25 critically endangered primates of the world.
The evidence of coxsackievirus B3 induced myocarditis as the cause of death in a Sichuan snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus roxellana).
The critically endangered snub-nosed monkey has a distinctive white beard and sneezes when it rains.
And Cyril Ruoso's baby golden snub-nosed monkey waiting on a twig for his mum is so gorgeous you just want to take the fluffy bundle out of the picture and give it a hug.
In some cases, park systems may need to be expanded to cover habitats or species that are not yet protected, such as Vietnam's Tonkin snub-nosed monkey.
Either way we're loving this artist's impression of the snub-nosed monkey found in Myanmar's [Burma] remote and mountainous Kachin state.
The research, by an international team of primatologists, reveals how Rhinopithecus strykeri, a species of snub-nosed monkey, has an upturned nose which causes it to sneeze when it rains.
The Rhinopithecus strykeri, or snub-nosed monkey, has upturned nostrils which fill with water in a downpour, making it sneeze.
Washington, Dec 7 (ANI): A new population of the extremely rare Tonkin snub-nosed monkey has recently been discovered in a remote forested area of northern Vietnam.
It's the Year of the Monkey, so Humble goes in search of the snub-nosed monkeys of Yunnan, and uses a very unsavoury method to do so.
But there some surprises too--at least for me--Dall's sheep, fallow deer, mountain lions, panda bears, snow monkeys, wild ponies, sea otters, snub-nosed monkeys, red foxes and the mighty musk ox.
Chinese snub-nosed monkeys (genus Rhinopithecus, subfamily Colobinae) include three species, R.
Data was provided on bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas, olive baboons, stump-tailed macaques, golden snub-nosed monkeys, brown, red-bellied and aye-aye lemurs, coyotes, dogs, gray wolves, Asian elephants, domestic pigeons, orange-winged amazons, Eurasian jays, western scrub jay, zebra finches and swamp sparrows.
Molecular characterization of Cyclospora-like organisms from golden snub-nosed monkeys in Qinling Mountain in Shaanxi Province, northwest China.