signal-to-noise ratio

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the ratio of signal intensity to noise intensity

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With relay selection schemes, a set of relays is selected from the R potential relays which maximize SNR or power efficiency proposed later.
The optimal TAS scheme should select the transmit antenna w that maximizes the output SNR at MD, namely,
Dans ce contexte, elle a fait savoir qu'en 2015, les agences de la FTAV ont enregistre 48 mille Omras contre 5 mille seulement pour la SNR.
It is also shown from results in Figures 5 and 6 that the proposed LRAF protocol indicated low BER values over PPAF two time slots and three time slots protocol, with the increase in SNR values from 21 dB to 60dB, as compared to the increase in SNR values from 0dB to 20dB.
These parameters are used to analyse SNR for the most commonly used T1-weighted MRI sequences.
He became enraged when Thomas snr homas intervened in a drugs debt he was owed.
With (30), the output SNR, SNR gain and loss of SNR gain with respect to signal length N can be represented as
The experiment was repeated 500 times for each simulated SNR, while differential time delay D21 was the constant.
Ce projet a reuni pendant 26 mois des experts marocains en matiere de recherche avec leurs homologues francais et espagnols et reflete l'interet de l'UE a faire integrer le SNR marocain dans l'EER" a declare a la MAP, le ministre-conseiller, et chef-adjoint de la Delegation UE au Maroc, Camelia Suica.
9 November 2012 - Law firms Salans LLP, Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP (FMC) and SNR Denton are planning to combine their operations in a move expected to create a top ten player on the global legal profession arena.
Many other literatures in the reference section of this project have all contributed to this area of research but in this work we have demonstrated the performance of the radar using the RCS, SNR, frequency and range information obtained from various simulations as a result of the objectives to provide information to the radar engineer especially for design purposes.
Worried Sandra, who has been with Joe Snr for 17 years, says even thinking about what Joe did could kill him.
Deborah Newton told Teesside Crown Court she and ex-husband John had been so close to George Thomas Snr that they referred to him as "dad".
But what does this mean for the SNR of one pixel when you take identical exposures through these two telescopes?
The firm will become part of SNR Denton on September 30 after agreeing to join with Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal.