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a storm with widespread snowfall accompanied by strong winds


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We were sadly mistaken; by the time we had gone another half-mile we were in the thick of a bewildering, blinding snowstorm.
The snowstorm, which was the cause of their misfortune, happened in the middle of January, corresponding to our July, and in the latitude of Durham
Vell, sir,' rejoined Sam, after a short pause, 'I think I see your drift; and if I do see your drift, it's my 'pinion that you're a- comin' it a great deal too strong, as the mail-coachman said to the snowstorm, ven it overtook him.
Turning a woman out of doors in a snowstorm, for instance; or may be you'd take her up and put her in jail, wouldn't you?
He had an impression of a snowstorm pouring with unexampled and increasing fury UPWARD; then he realised that he was falling faster and faster.
Model simulations indicate that anthropogenic climate change has made extreme snowstorms less likely over the mid-Atlantic United States.
You've seen snowstorms before, but nothing like this.
Sure, the British climate in general is inclement but, for now, let's spare a thought for America as mammoth snowstorms engulf states such as New York.
PEKyN (CyHAN)- Snowstorms swept across a vast area of north China on Sunday, disrupting traffic, grounding flights and slowing down bullet trains in Beijing, Tianjin and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
The danger of snowstorms remains in the eastern parts of Bulgaria, currently experiencing severe winds, and temperatures will continue to decrease, the National Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology has announced.
Qatar Charity (QC) field teams have been continuously distributing emergency aid to Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries following the waves of snowstorms that hit the region.
Hussein Al-Qahtani, spokesman for the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PMA), explained that the current snowstorms in some Arab countries have been named according to local culture, to create a general optimistic atmosphere among the population.
Unlike in some Western European capitals, snowstorms in Moscow hardly ever disrupt public transport or shut down air traffic.
hit by snowstorms, authorities said Friday, according to dpa.
For the third time in four years, editorial cartoonist David Hitch has targeted runners -- always female -- who lace up during snowstorms, because they make it harder for drivers to navigate the treacherous roads (editorial cartoon, Telegram & Gazette, Feb.