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a figure of a person made of packed snow

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We created snowmen with colleague to welcome the Christmas season, and visitors as well," said Jana Slana from the museum, as quoted by My Ziar.
To make the marshmallow snowmen, thread three marshmallows onto a cocktail stick.
The Ford team responsible for interiors presented a sled-bound trio of snowmen, complete with tablet guiding the way.
The Carmarthenshire town saw both young and old donning snowman costumes as they aimed to break the Guinness World Record currently held by a town in Shropshire, which saw 333 people dress up as snowmen.
We had invited Amna and Saleh and a group of children from the local Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School to feel the snow, have snowball fights and make their own little snowmen.
For just under two hours it carries us away to a winter wonderland where snowmen come to life, penguins dance and friendship overcomes all differences.
OFF TO WORK (above): Even snowmen have to face the long commute into work, where there's a cold reception for shirkers.
Skiing, snowballs, sledding, tobogganing, a chance for no school, snow forts, and, of course, snowmen come to mind
The drug reference has led some schools to ban all clothing depicting snowmen.
NEW YORK-The holiday tabletop promotions seem to be pushing fun with both seasonal and everyday merchandise, whether it be on entertaining with an emphasis on barware, a year-round item, or a strong showing of whimsical snowmen adorning products.
Next we converted these gesture drawings into line drawings of acrobatic snowmen to be used in printmaking.
In how many different ways can the snowmen be colored for the window display?
How many snowmen does it take to perk up a dreary January day?