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the line on a mountain above which there is perpetual snow and ice

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Angels of Cameron Park, Elder Care Management, Empire Ranch Alzheimer's Special Care Center, Folsom Community Center, Folsom Care Center and Snowline have all embraced the power of music and offer the Alive Inside program to their patients.
in Springfield to carpool ($10 for car expenses), or meet the group at Snowline Motel, 73270 US-26, Rhododendron at 10 a.
But  in this case, the snowline around the young star - named V883 Orionis - was pushed out to a far greater distance than is normal because of a sudden and drastic increase in the star's brightness, which heated the inner portion of the disk.
Recent findings of 10 weather monitoring stations installed by the Pakistan Meteorological Department also concluded that glaciers in ablation zone [which refers to the low-altitude area of a glacier] is receding faster and snowline is marching upward.
The sight of a normally beautiful and bountiful vineyard in any spring following a winter's devastation is depressing, with vine after vine and row upon row showing outright death or loss of aboveground vine structures right down to the soil or snowline.
There are hills, rounded, blunt, burned, squeezed up out of chaos, chrome and vermilion painted, aspiring to the snowline," she later wrote.
Climate change models project that the historical snowline will get higher in elevation as a result of regional warming.
in taking over global leader- meeting in Singapore with At the moment, he will not professes an admiration for ship of the group Kevin Roberts to discuss how commit himself beyond Saatchis stretching back to embracing Saatchi & a smooth leadership transi- acknowledging the fact that his earliest days as a graduate Saatchi and Fallon, Robert tion might be best achieved "any change of leadership trainee at Burkett Weinreich Senior, a ski fanatic with an interest in renovating alpine farmhouses, might be said to be moving his career above the snowline.
Global Warming and Expected snowline shift along Northern Mountains of Pakistan Yokohama Japan Proceedings.
The other night three of us were huddled among boulders high above the snowline on Schiehallion waiting for dawn for a final push to the summit.
The 27 species recorded more than three times in 2003-2012 on the unburnt transects above the winter snowline together with the years in which they appeared on the burnt transect.
To monitor snow cover variability, Paudel and Andersen (2011) firstly analyzed the spatial and temporal variability of snow cover in the Trans Himalayan region of Nepal during last decade and then proposed five practical steps in order to remove cloud obscuration from MODIS daily snow products including combining data from the Terra and Aqua satellites, adjacent temporal deduction, spatial filtering based on orthogonal neighbouring pixels, spatial filtering based on a zonal snowline approach and finally temporal filtering based on zonal snow cycle.
The park sprawls over 320 square miles and includes both the ever-cloudy, high montane rainforest and, farther up--between the treeline and the snowline -- the alpine tundra known locally as the paramo.
Glaciers in the Mount Everest region have shrunk by 13 percent in the last 50 years and the snowline has shifted upward by 180 meters (590 feet), according to Sudeep Thakuri, who is leading the research as part of his PhD graduate studies at the University of Milan in Italy.