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an Eskimo hut


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For thousands of years, snowhouses were the main winter shelters for Inuit living in the central Arctic.
Inuit oral history tells a different story: a group of sailors was left behind by the expedition and survived the winter with help from the Inuit, initially inhabiting the Frobisher house, then moving to snowhouses when it became cold and finally living with Inuit in tents (Rowley 1993a,b).
In addition, if the longhouse builders were the first to live in snowhouse communities on the sea ice, then they were also the first that had to come ashore in the spring.
According to Richling (1993:67), the development of Labrador communal houses paralleled the development of other Thule Inuit forms of multi-family dwellings, including snowhouse complexes, and reflected a traditional pattern of intensified communalism as a response to the scarcity of resources, in this case, European goods.
13) depicts a cutaway of a snowhouse, seen as a simple incised arch.
Perhaps the most distinctive change in many regions was their adoption of the practice of spending the winters in snowhouse communities far out on the sea ice instead of on land.