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a crystal of snow

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In July, Capital One was the first customer to use VPS was so impressed that their venture investing arm Capital One Growth Ventures has now invested $5 million in Snowflakes Series D funding round.
Snowflakes falling in Brisbane, Australia would likely make news headlines during any season of a given year, even during winter.
The remote sensing of snowfall rates utilizes radar signals that bounce off snowflakes as they fall to the ground.
Snowflakes can inspire big fun, and you don't need to live in a snowy climate to make icy art and treats.
FACTFILE | Snowflakes form in a variety of different shapes.
Snowflakes are made |of crystals of ice - frozen water vapour - that form around bits of dirt in the air.
SNOWFLAKES patterns were long thought to be unique but these days we know that sometimes two snowflakes can be identical.
A total of 100,000 trail maps will be distributed and made downloadable inviting everyone to discover the snowflakes and solve the trail's puzzle, with a chance to win a series of amazing prizes worth more than PS5,000.
Instead, the article focuses on the fact that all snowflakes "share one architecture, determined by the way heat flows.
Add smaller applique or embroidery snowflakes for a frosty quilt to keep you warm all winter.
He shoots snowflakes on his balcony either against dark fabrics, illuminated by natural light, or against a glass background, illuminated by a flashlight from below.
For an example, in "Snowflake Wakes," the incredible complexity of the images leave a haunting, tingling sensation that evokes the sensory experiences of winter, while the delicate, descriptive nuances of the verse personifies even a snowflake, and finally a natural description of the formation of snowflakes is told in expository prose appealing to children.
The invention's unique design enables them to provide the appearance of snowflakes in any environment.
Models Own Wonderland Collection in Snowflakes PS5 (models ownit.
She says, "Usually, I start making snowflakes about October and get tired of making them by March.