Viburnum opulus

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deciduous thicket-forming Old World shrub with clusters of white flowers and small bright red berries

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Yard includes a traditional double-loop wire fence; specimen palms prized in the Victorian era; profuse rose garden; lilacs; snowball tree and assorted coral bells; arbors, walls and fences covered with wisteria, honeysuckle and hope vines; and a sideyard sunroom with orchids and other exotic flowers.
These 50 trees were comprised of Japanese Maple, Styrax Snowball trees and Magnolias.
Among the colorful specimens now on display on the property are daylilies, snowball trees, hydrangea, plumbago, Peruvian lilies, verbena, hibiscus, butterfly bushes, phlox, cannas, white and orange ginger lilies, dianthus, and daffodils.