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the act of sliding down a snow-covered slope while standing on a snowboard

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There will be two for the price of one offers on tobogganing at any time from Saturday to Monday, and the same deal for a two-hour session of skiing and snow-boarding on Monday.
A knifeman threatened a snow-boarding student in the street before confronting two more alleged victims.
Winter is here and for some people it is means a great time outdoors skiing, snow-boarding or just rolling in the soft snow.
Mountain-boarding, or grass-boarding, takes the principles of snow-boarding to dry land.
At the time, snow-boarding was taking off," he said.
And there's plenty of space for snow-boarding as well.
is linking itself to snow-boarding, the fastest-growing winter sport.
There is also a selection of functional and stylish snow-boarding gear by Volcom, should you be heading for the slopes in the near future.
Children who don't wear helmets while skiing or snow-boarding are more likely to get a head injury than are those who wear helmets, Dr.
As with snow-boarding, the boarder tries to gain maximum height for acrobatic manoeuvres - using the power of the boat and the energy of the wake it generates.
But 95 percent of avalanche disasters are brought about by people skiing, hiking, snow-boarding, or climbing in the backcountry.
Stansted was closed for five hours and some passengers, waiting to go on skiing holidays, went snow-boarding outside the terminal.
A TALENTED musician from the Black Country has died after plunging down a ravine on the first night of a snow-boarding holiday in Italy.
Norwich Union's annual travel cover - including skiing and snow-boarding - starts at pounds 54.