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a vehicle used to push snow from roads

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Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service said that appliances from the Alston, Brampton and Penrith stations were called out, with the one from Penrith following a snow plough on the A686.
Another added: "I'd just like to say I saw some of your vehicles out at 05:20, including snow plough on New Hey Road, doing a decent job in difficult circumstances.
Var of snow plough vehicles strolling between the planes
The chief executive of Moscow's Vnukovo airport and his deputy resigned over the crash, but some critics have accused investigators of trying to find a scapegoat by accusing the driver of the snow plough, 60-year-old Vladimir Martynenko, of being drunk.
De Margerie's corporate jet collided with the snow plough and was then engulfed in flames, killing all four people on board.
Any late night revellers stood at this stop in their party clothes wouldn't need a snow plough, they'd need an ambulance.
Supporting the narrative are educational technical pages and cutaway diagrams covering issues such as how snow ploughs work, why ice can burst boilers and how a locomotive makes its steam.
SEVERE WEATHER WARNING: During the recent wintry conditions, this picture of gritters filling up at the Billingham salt store should answer our reader's question about whether any of the council's vehicles are fitted with snow plough blades Picture by ANDREW GRAY
Over a hundred touch screen equipped Mobile Data Collection (MDC) systems have been supplied by Intelligent Devices to the US State of South Dakota, to be used in a pilot project that will see the systems installed in the cabs of snow ploughs operating on the state's highways.
The multi-section snow plough cleans the snow with a VULKOLLAN cutting edge to the left or right side without damaging the ground surface.
An engine fitted with a snow plough was unable to rescue the 116 passengers.
ANKARA (CyHAN)- A municipality bus en route respectively crashed a car and snow plough vehicle due to the icy roads and hopefully no one was killed but driver of the bus was injured in the accident in Turkish capital city of Ankara.
A snow plough clears the A66 in County Durham, following overnight snow, as temperatures fell yesterday
A gritting lorry complete with snow plough had just turned into the road in the same direction as we were travelling.
Hesaid:"Whereyouhave a snow plough it takes a team of at least two to operate them.