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tight-fitting spectacles worn to protect the eyes

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And Mallory's snow goggles were in his pocket, suggesting he died at night with the implication that he and Irvine were descending late in the day.
He said: "We had to wear snow goggles and visibility was very poor.
Tenders are invited for Request for proposal for supply of snow goggles qty 26701 nos
A tie-up with surf and snowboard firm O'Neill, they certainly look distinct from the flood of me-too headphones design lead from Dr Dre's Despite their cuddly charms, The Bends appear to be capable of taking a beating, with the headband made from the same material pro snow goggles.
And when I do, I'll write a list so I don't forget my sun cream, my snow goggles, and my passport
His snow goggles are expected to sell for pounds 3,000, his two briar pipes for pounds 1,500 to pounds 2,000 and a pack of biscuits for pounds 1,000.
The BBC-backed team who found his body near the 29,000ft summit said his snow goggles were inside his coat, indicating he and companion Sandy Irvine were descending in failing light when disaster struck in 1924.
Mallory and fellow Briton Andrew Irvine, wearing only heavy woollies, tweed suits, stout leather boots, snow goggles and carrying bulky primitive oxygen equipment, were seen just 900ft from the 29,000ft summit on June 8 1924.
They wore Burberry jackets and britches bound with gaiters and were equipped with crude snow goggles to protect their eyes, all of it light years from the high-tech equipment used by climbers today.
Supply of snow goggles and ski goggles for the personnel of the Ministry of Defence.