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blue goose in the white color phase

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The first four hours proved to be a complete bust, even though the sky was filled with huge flocks of snow geese," said Viau.
The current plan, established by federal and state agencies in 1996 in response to the 1995 snow geese die-off, calls for various noisemakers to scare flocks of birds away from the water.
Not only was our hunting party there to enjoy the fun and fellowship of the DU hosted event, we were also participants in an ecosystem conservation effort to reduce the overabundance of mid-continent snow geese.
As managers, we want hunters to shoot a lot of snow geese, but what are they going to do with them?
Show Me Snow Geese offers great, fun filled opportunities for aspiring and the experienced hunters alike as one of their locations is in northern Missouri which is considered to be an area where significant waterfowl migration takes place each year.
Spring hunting of snow geese was open in portions of the Rainwater Basin in both years of study between 11 Feb.
Vermont will open its season on snow geese from March 11 through April 26 and is encouraging hunters to take a generous bag limit of 15 per day.
Bird's eye view: Snow geese fly over the Mississippi River.
Beginning in North America, snow geese face their biggest predator, pelicans glide under San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and bald eagles in Alaska swoop among brown bears.
Things had turned out all white for the Snow Geese and the Smews.
LIKE a blizzard filling the sky, more than a million snow geese stop for a rest during their annual migration.
If only Missuk could carve snow geese as well as her father does
While Missuk's Snow Geese takes place in the chilly north where the polar bears live, the snow geese fly and the cold is unforgiving, it is one of the warmest stories you'll ever read.