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a crystal of snow

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And to bus companies who stop running the minute a snow flake lands on your garage - get your act together and pressure the councils to clear bus routes first so that people at least stand some chance of getting to and from work.
Double loosening process: With this feature cotton floats like a snow flake, no dead zone.
mystery Of snow flake by flake by flake Freeze cube and disable thought
From the Thomas Sabo Charm Club, this pendant is in the shape of a snow flake made from 925 Sterling silver with fine white pave zirconia.
No one should be in any doubt that this crisis didn't begin with the first snow flake.
I'm going to have to go for a case that generated prolonged communication and correspondence with all parties, including the Meteorological Office concerning the definition of a snow flake (in a snow at Christmas dispute).
Below: Bluemarine tops winter white panty and bra set adorned with sequined snow flakes with fluffy white fur stole and white cap with ear flaps and jeweled snow flake design on front.
Yet in a completely different key she creates archetypes: combing the doll's hair the same way her mother combed hers, memories of her mother's lullabies (each snow flake turns into a "tiny, sparkling bell that twinkles and sings mom's lullaby").
It only takes one snow flake to fall at the Aldergrove Met Office in County Antrim between midnight on 24 December and midnight on 25 December for punters to get lucky - but that has only happened ten times since 1927.
com Frosty PS165 Orbit PS150 Glacier PS165 Northern Lights PS175 Orion PS165 Clothing all Chloe's own Snow Flake PS100 Phoenix PS150
For bookmakers to pay out on an official white Christmas, at least a single snow flake must fall in a particular place in the 24 hours of December 25.
Wearing a gold shawl and black leather gloves, Nicks took the audience on a psychedelic trip for the epic version of the Fleetwood Mac drug ditty, "Gold Dust Woman," complete with scorching guitars, snow flake graphics and stellar vocals.
Wrap the string through the points of the pipe cleaner star so it begins to look like a snow flake.