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a permanent wide expanse of snow

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About a mile later, a snow field replaced the lush vegetation and we came upon a steep wall of snow.
These data indicate that runoff materials within the Muir Snow field and along its margins were not contaminated with human fecal bacteria at times when samples were taken.
Clinging desperately to buried ice axes, they are being dragged feet-first down the snow field.
Kippauskytt land and snow field where the area is a short-distance, high-speed and rhythm of large loads.
IT HAS been described as a kind of cosmic room packed with Justin Bieber fans, a Siberian snow field and Margaret Thatcher at a party.
So we were driving up what was in effect an eight lane or even nine lane wide snow field.
On a test track cut out from a snow field to expose pure ice the XC60 proved the new technology can enable a car to be controlled on the most lethal of surfaces.
He tumbled down an icy snow field and over a couple of rocky crags before coming to a halt.
Also located on the Chinese side of K2, this route is known for its chaotic rock and snow fields extending all the way up to the summit.
WITH a wet Christmas in store rather than a white one, the stage setting for this ballet came as a refreshing reminder of the pristine snow fields and sharp clear skies we still associate with the festive season.