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a mass of snow heaped up by the wind

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The sheriff's office urged people to be cautious when traveling back roads, which still have impassable snow drifts in the higher elevations.
Despite the Herculean effort to exude masculinity in Weights, 1992, Snow Drift, and Black Emanation, Durward reveals it to be an ultimately inauthentic, failed, and ridiculous pose.
As walking on the pavement has nearly become impossible since the thick snow layer also many cars have stayed under the snow drift.
Fire teams were called out after two cars became stuck in a snow drift in Tow Law, County Durham.
And the good old Rhondda Transport buses and crews would put out their single deck buses when ever they could and these old AEC war horses, no power steering, no heating, they were better than any snow plough to open up the snow drift roads and if possible get the workers home after their shift.
Occasionally the Examiner publishes a photo from about 1947 of a house in Holme with a snow drift up to the guttering.
Bett, 45, who lives on a farm in Gifford, East Lothian, had gone through an ordeal including clearing an 8ft snow drift and a 12-hour rail trip to take part in the show.
People woke a snowy day and the snow drift was cleared off by Istanbulities.
Runways and parking ground of the planes are being cleared off from snow drift, while solutions are being poured to apron to prevent there from frosting as snow alarm was given.
But a fun night at the Cinnamon Lounge at Flockton Moor turned to drama when Karmjeet's VW hit a snow drift.
But after recent thaws, teams went out again and found his body in a snow drift on Saturday.