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the act of sliding down a snow-covered slope while standing on a snowboard

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It'd have a swimming pool filled with money and a normal swimming pool, a hot tub, a home cinema and a snow board ramp.
I, thrilled he had at last found a sport (typically, the most expensive sport he could think of), gamely coughed-up for annual snow board trips for the next three years.
nDavid Evans' Gutteridge hacked up in the novice chase, while the finale fell to Merrita Jones's Snow Board, with former stable No 1 Derek Byrne back in the plate.
ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR: Henry Jones, of Llangefni, was among the extreme-sports enthusiasts enjoying the first-ever snow board competition on Llandudno's dry ski slope
I was offered both the chance to ski or snow board with an instructor.
In addition to the skate boarding and water-based activities there is also ski and snow board simulators for young people to have a go at.
As for Tom, he now looks enviably cool on a snow board and is itching for next winter.
Ffion Jones had worked as a ski guide and snow board tutor in the French Alps before setting up her own business shooting videos for professional snowboarders.
Even if you'rean actor with a face as wooden as an Austrian snow board, you can still get to the top.
The biggest thing that's happened in the ski industry is that, since snowboardfashion cameabout, ski wear is a lot more crossover and has a more snow board feel to them.