urban legend

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a story that appears mysteriously and spreads spontaneously in various forms and is usually false

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So when you hear something snarky about Mitt or Barack or some other candidate, snopes.
Those of your readers who want to check this can go to snopes.
The best, and best known, of these sites is Snopes.
Spurlock need only have visited the popular urban legend site Snopes.
As Barbara Mikkelson, proprietor of the urban legend-debunking site Snopes.
The whole setup of the 'Hunting for Bambi' site seems to be a deliberate attempt to shock and outrage rather than amuse, and it's all too easy for hoaxsters to fool reporters with shows staged for their benefit," states snopes.
To discard everything the debunking website Snopes.
As noted quickly by Facebook friend Walter Crockett, this survey never took place and was debunked years ago by snopes.
How many times have you found yourself rummaging around in Snopes.
So I did what I usually do in such cases - I went to Snopes.
The less colorful truth is that the founders son changed the recipe to make the soap float, says Snopes.
The less colorful truth is that the founderAaAeAeAEs son chang the recipe to make the soap float, says Snopes.
I was going to mention that here, but a judicious check with snopes.