alarm clock

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a clock that wakes a sleeper at some preset time


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She said: 'I've been known to hit the snooze bar for up to two hours or even turn it off.
She said Barnett and Miss Agnieszka were joint licensees of the Snooze Bar at Llandudno.
The alarm buzzer can be set to go off when e-mail is received, and the snooze bar doubles as a toggle control to flip between displayed pages.
So when you awaken, you can see where your train is, and, if it's late, you might want to give the snooze bar an additional tap or two.
Of course, all the standard clock radio features--AM/FM, LED time display, snooze bar, and a sleep setting that lets you fall asleep to music, which will turn itself off at a preset time (up to two hours)--are included.