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a room in which billiards is played

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Perhaps the biggest selling point of this plush pad is the private snooker room and bar which is located next to the pool complex.
While the table might not still be in situ, the good news is that if a nostalgic snooker fan becomes the new owner they have the space to revive the snooker room and try to recreate some of the old Higgins magic.
This very useful room would be suitable for various purposes, such as a playroom, a family room, an office or, once again, a snooker room.
On the second floor are three further large rooms, currently configured as a games room or snooker room, a family room, a large office and a further store room.
The house has been updated and enhanced in recent years, including the addition of a snooker room,m below
Inside are a cinema, a gym, sauna, an oak-panelled library, snooker room, a panic room and six garages.
Hide's friends said he often throws parties at his home, which has a pool, a snooker room and a bowling alley.
That's why I'm getting a snooker room built in my house so I can devote more time to it.
I have heard some male club members say they would rather have dogs than women in the snooker room.
But the 36-year-old remains confident about the rest of the season and insists building a snooker room at home will help him return to top form.
The Grade II pile in Sawbridgeworth, Herts, has two pools, a zoo, snooker room, gym, recording studio, and a pounds 70,000 BBQ.
The blocks destroyed included a mail room, a gym, a snooker room and a pool room with ten newly-installed tables.
The property also has a separate annex which houses a snooker room and bar.