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Synonyms for snog

touch with the lips or press the lips (against someone's mouth or other body part) as an expression of love, greeting, etc.

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It's the second man Walliams has snogged in less than a week.
Kerry says: "I have snogged Robbie Williams - it's official.
I caught the next boy I went out with sending dirty texts to another girl and my most recent boyfriend also snogged my best mate.
I'm not saying you should have snogged the other woman but it wasn't, given the circumstances, the crime of the century.
Shd I tell my boyf I drank 2 much and snogged a stranger in the pub?
And clearly it was Dick she was interested in as they snogged for 15 minutes in the foyer of London's Grosvenor House.
At least it meant Greta Gerwig - who plays Arthur's love interest - didn't get a scratched chin when they snogged.
Tracy, 24, told how they snogged at least three times at the team hotel.
Dave, 27, confessed to her that he loved going to gay clubs and had snogged at least 10 other men.
She branded him a "drunken twit" over claims he snogged the mystery woman in a bar near their home in Esher, Surrey, after a string of rows.
He said no, but admitted he'd snogged quite a few blokes.
Bass player Matt, 24, and Emma, 31, joked: "Let's pretend we're from Primrose Hill" then snogged their friends in the street.
Q I AM 14 and I have never snogged anyone, like with tongues and everything.
After all, Steve may not have Sonny's good looks, charm, lustrous hair or buckets of cash, but to the best of our knowledge he's never snogged Sean.