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a kind of snowmobile

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Sno-Cat Dinner Dec 20 and 27; $125, including transportation; reservations required; 970/923-8715.
PARALLAX Like the tanklike Sno-Cat that's been stylishly retrofitted with plush seats, the midmountain restaurant at McCoy Station transforms itself from a chili-and-fries ski lodge into a candlelit enclave with white tablecloths and five-course meals.
After WWII, the company introduced a new Sno-Cat design featuring a pair of pontoons in the rear and a pair of skis in front that was produced in sizeable numbers.
Like other Tucker Sno-Cat products, the Tucker-Terra uses mostly standard automotive components.
Ward owner John LaCroix, a talented and experienced snowmaker himself, has augmented his arsenal with two new fan guns and three tower guns and expanded his Sno-Cat armada with a new grooming machine.
Instead of an expedition hut, their base would consist of tents for sleeping and the converted Sno-cat crate for cooking and eating.
By this time, the vehicles had acquired nicknames, with the Sno-cat of Fuchs and deputy leader David Stratton known as Rock 'n' Roll--'a characteristic enjoyed by all the species', Fuchs noted.
The dog drivers were beset with a severe stomach illness and, later, seismologist Geoffrey Pratt's life was threatened by carbon monoxide poisoning after the exhaust leaked into the cab of his Sno-cat, Haywire.
The shop itself, originally a concrete block Sno-Cat garage, is now sided with tamarack wood, its newly grand entrance framed with rough tamarack pillars.
Along the way, Christian also managed to squeeze in a couple of dozen early-mornings on skis at Wachusett Mountain Ski Area in Princeton, where his wife, Lisa, is operations manager, and where Christian drives a Sno-Cat trail grooming machine part time in the winter.
That one week is when we make enough money to stay open in the summer, get ahead on maintenance and maybe buy a new Sno-Cat," Shepard said.
The two most significant were the Sno-cat and the smaller Weasel.
Pennington County Emergency Management spokeswoman Alexa White said rescue efforts were slow-going, because ''the only way to get there is the snowmobiles or the Sno-Cats.
Rolligons, large all-terrain vehicles, have long been the standard for packing down snow, but Tucker Sno-Cats with smooth tracks are also being used to prepack and drive the frost down, according to Wieman.
The new Terrain Master Sno-cats are designed for building pipe features and terrain.