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an extremely powerful rifle developed for the military

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I won't answer that question, but Chinese sniper rifles were used by soldiers who fought in Marawi.
62mm caliber sniper rifle m-14 upgrading and weapon tactical flashlight.
In a relevant development in May, a senior military official announced that Iran has started mass production of the home-made sniper rifle, Shaher.
The Army is also looking to acquire over 3,500 sniper rifles for the Ghatak platoons of its infantry battalions and special forces while it has also issued a new tender for acquiring 44,837 close quarter carbines for dealing with anti- terrorist operations.
The new HK sniper rifle is a lightweight variant of the 7.
Due to this, many shooters have turned to building clones of period sniper rifles.
Weapons included pump-action shotguns, sniper rifles with silencers and ammunition.
Collecting the American Sniper Rifle, 1945 to 2000.
World War II sniper rifles from the USA, Britain, Germany, the Soviet Union and Finland also sit in my collection.
4 ( ANI ): New YouTube video from the Syrian battlefield has shown rebels firing what appears to be the same high-powered sniper rifle that is used by U.
A FATHER and his three sons have been arrested on suspicion of stealing 50 replica assault rifles, sniper rifles and shotguns from a company specialising in combat simulation.
The military source mentioned that the seized weapons included 45 machineguns, 13 Nato sniper rifles, 9 RPG launchers, 7 BKC machineguns, 3 mortars, 3 hand-made rockets, 14 pump-action rifles, 10 military pistols, 24 mortar shells, 32 RPG shells, 53 machinegun chargers, 30 sniper rifle chargers, 8 explosive devices, 10 grenades, 150 detonators, 1500 sniper rifle bullets, 5000 BKC machinegun bullets, 4200 machinegun bullets, 500 pistol bullets, 7 gas masks, 5 prism binoculars, 25 satellite wireless devices, 30 shields, in addition to materials for making explosive devices, explosives and large amounts of gunpowder, TNT templates, highly explosive C4 material, a field hospital and an amount of military equipment, stolen cars and registration licenses.
Said John Day, vice president, Remington Defense Division, "Our workforce is extremely proud to be adding this combat-proven carbine to the Remington Defense family alongside our combat-proven sniper rifles, suppressors and shotguns.
Camouflaged sniper rifles, hand guns, armoured cars with water cannons and audio blaring, hostage taking simulators, underwater submersibles and VIP body armour were just some of the equipment
Small arms for urban combat; a review of modern handguns, submachine guns, personal defense weapons, carbines, assault rifles, sniper rifles, anti-materiel rifles, machine guns, combat shotguns, grenade launchers and other weapons systems.