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Dutch ophthalmologist who introduced the Snellen chart to study visual acuity (1834-1908)

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5 years, and there was a positive relationship with SFCT because we used BCVA according to the Snellen chart.
Following intravitreal injection, patient 1's Snellen BCVA improved to 20/20 and OCT revealed that the extrafoveal intraretinal cysts had resolved.
Sugarcane stem borer, Chilo infuscatellus Snellen, 1890 (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) is the most notorious, predominant and destructive pest of sugarcane and causes major damage to crop which is up to 36.
In a well-lighted room, Snellen chart was fixed on a wall at eye level.
The limitations of the Snellen chart are widely acknowledged, (1) yet remarkably, it remains in common use within many clinical environments including hospital departments, GP surgeries and optometry practice, owing to its familiarity, ease of use and quick testing times.
After admission detailed pre-operative assessment was carried out on all patients which included best corrected visual acuity testing by Snellen acuity test, detailed Slit lamp (Topcon SL3F, Japan) examination of anterior segment, iris and lens, followed by dilated posterior segment examination using double aspherical fundus lens +78D/+90D (Volk, USA) and/ or by binocular indirect ophthalmoscope (Keeler, Germany) with +20D (Volk, USA) lens.
2) The new form no longer requires the driver's signature, blood-pressure reading, visual acuity test using the Snellen chart to determine the driver's eyesight condition, the first endorsement of LTO branch chief prior to the conduct of medical examination, and the official receipt of payment by the driver for the medical examination-unlike the old form.
14) While that study did report some improvement with spinal manipulation, the outcome measure which the authors used was novel and did not take into account the logarithmic scaling of the Snellen eye chart used to measure acuity.
This all leads to the final chapter where Paul Van Tongeren and Paulien Snellen provide an interesting, though somewhat disappointing, discussion of what environmental hermeneutics can offer to environmental ethics.
Para a avaliacao da acuidade visual dos idosos, foi feito um exame de triagem com a Escala de Sinais de Snellen [26], posicionada a cinco metros do individuo, com identificacao de visao normal se leitura na linha 20/20 em ambos os olhos, que corresponde a acuidade visual 0,8.
uncorrected distant vision acuity of 20/40 or worse, with the Snellen chart the frequency of DVI rose to 35.
Standardization of HOTV, Snellen and ETDRS tests in children 5-15 years of age within the REISVO protocol: A pilot test