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(computer science) a memory device consisting of a flat disk covered with a magnetic coating on which information is stored

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The best way to get rid of SneakerNets is to explain it to an IT manager as if it's just another data transport mechanism and let them make the choice for themselves," says Brad O'Neill, senior analyst with the Taneja Group.
Industry analysts aren't quite ready to pronounce SneakerNets DOA, not yet, anyway.
It also contains analysis of various sneakernet approaches and of the technologies available.
the cost of using sneakernet to manually update an application is $150 per desktop for a LAN-connected user and $225 per desktop for mobile or remote users.
We used sneakernet to get files from one office to the other because my computer was the only one that could print.
Novadigm products provide the foundation for computing infrastructures based on widely dispersed processing and flexible connectivity, encompassing dedicated data links, tenuous dial-up connections, private intranets, the public Internet and even the delivery of physical media by sneakernet.
Novadigm's network independence encompasses all distribution channels, from sneakernet to the Internet, bringing the benefits of centralized software management to networked computers, mobile devices, disconnected desktops and suppliers and customers of the extended enterprise.
Casanova's Network Operations staff -- working together with WADOC Customer Technology staff consisting of about seven tech support people for each of WADOC's five large regions -- had given up on the old-fashioned sneakernet approach.
deployment time to a fraction of what it was with sneakernet
Stingl said he expects Novadigm to eliminate most sneakernet visits to desktops and cut software installation times by as much as 85 percent.
With PC-cillin Corporate Edition's central management tools, administrators maintain the highest security level with the least amount of user involvement and sneakernet costs.
The survey, conducted of KACE customers in December 2005, found: -- 58% of the respondents used sneakernets (manual processes) at the beginning of 2005 to manage some IT functions.