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(medicine) any of various liquids sold as medicine (as by a travelling medicine show) but medically worthless

communication (written or spoken) intended to deceive

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This is precisely what snake-oil salesman Salmond calculated would happen.
All that I ask is that they become genuinely independent and use their own money, not mine, to fund the far-left Socialist policies that the snake-oil salesman Salmond has lined up for them.
Yet he is the snake-oil salesman of British politics, conning voters with his easy charm and blokeish humour, and making pledges no government could, or should, keep.
SINCE the day in 1994 when his mug was shown on TV for the first time as leader of the Labour Party, I and probably millions of others, formed an instant opinion of Tony Blair that has not changed over the years; the man is a shallow, opaque, self-serving snake-oil merchant.
The View hit the headlines in 2006 when former cast member Rosie O'Donnell called Donald Trump a "snake-oil salesman".
It gives a journalist the look of a snake-oil salesman" Former war correspondent and ex-MP Martin Bell on seeing a TV reporter wearing the offending make-up "The way it glorifies violence, hatred and capitalist values is utterly repulsive to me" Actor and impressionist Alistair McGowan on why he dislikes rap music "If they took an X-ray of my whole body, with all its plates, pins and rawlplugs, it would look like something from an art collection" Motor racing star Sir Stirling Moss, who is recovering from an accident in which he fell down a lift shaft, on the injuries he has suffered during his life
Smart-talkin' dudes with a yankee drawl, Snake-oil salesmen ain't got no soul, We played the game and we walked tall.
Some ads make supplements look like 21st century, snake-oil remedies (or, worse yet, like prescription drugs).
Corporations and snake-oil salesmen have flooded the Internet with their news.
I have a folder on my desktop entitled 'snake-oil peddlers' into which I put all of the literature from the current equivalents - you know the sort, management consultants, sales trainers, people who promise a website for pounds 50 and so on.
The "money is no object" pledge wasn't worth the press release it was written on and Mr Cameron has once again shown himself to be a snake-oil salesman who will promise the earth but deliver very little.
It's also interesting to watch how power-mad, snake-oil salesman Cameron is handling the issue.
Mr Burnham's glowing words remind me of the arrival in town of snake-oil doctors, with their wonder cures.
And since snake-oil peddlers depend on winning over gullible consumers, it's no wonder these advertisers target an audience that actually believes Rush when he calls himself the "truth-detector."
I begged the Scottish Labour conference not to back the snake-oil salesman Tony Blair's project to strangle the Labour Party I loved.